We reach our goals through programs, projects and volunteering activities. We provide information and learning techniques. We try to grow a community centered on care for horses, humane attitude, and compassion to one another.  


Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria distributes information about the wonderful breeds that are Paint Horse and Quarter Horse. We care about our horses and every horse around the world. For that reason we try to distribute information and teach others about the benefits of using light hand in training the horse and natural horsemanship. With the help of our horses we provide equine assisted therapy and therapeutic riding for children with disabilities.


The organization distributes all types of information through its website, social media accounts, in person in our professional and personal networks. We look after and train horses using methods associated with natural horsemanship. That makes it easier to train our therapeutic horses. At the same time the team of the organization prepares and executes the respective projects and programs necessary to reach the goals we have set up.

Ambassador of PQHFB Program

Be our voice in the world!

  • Convenient volunteering Program.

  • Ambassadors promote the values of the organization.

  • Ambassadors create a diverse international community.

  • Ambassadors spread the cause of the organization among their own networks.

  • Ambassadors volunteer whenever it is convenient for them.


Status: Active, accepting applications.

Young Volunteers and Horses Make a Change for Children with Disabilities

European Solidarity Corps

The project offers an opportunity for 9 young people from France, Germany, and Portugal to volunteer in the Program ''Free Therapeutic Riding for Children with Disabilities''. 

Our goals are to:

  • Engage young people willing to contribute to the community in order to strengthen it;

  • Teach and promote solidarity, tolerance, non-discrimination, social inclusion, and understanding among the young people;

  • Facilitate development and improvement of professional skills and knowledge in young people to help them in their professional development;

  • Facilitate development of personal skills, abilities, and talents in young people to help them in their personal growth;

  • Create a welcoming environment for cultural exchange for the young people and the local community;

  • Encourage young people to contribute and apply their own ideas;

  • Empower young people to respond to social challenge;

  • Allow young people to become aware of the environment and ways to care for it;

  • Contribute substantially to the children

Status: Active, accepting applications


Eternal Values Brought by American Horses 

Photo Exhibition

The Photo Exhibition of 36 photographs of the direct descendants of the American mustang brings us to the beautiful Bulgarian countryside. The horses of American origin reveal their free way of living and remind us of the eternal values valid for all of us from the USA to Bulgaria. At the opening was exhibited traditional western saddle used by the cowboys to cross the American prairie, as well as their clothes and accessories. Many of the photographed horses are therapy animals and serve to improve the health of Bulgarian children with disabilities.


The exhibition is organized by the Youth Council of the US Ambassador in Bulgaria with the support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria.

Project Centre for Therapeutic Riding

Let's build it together!

​This project aims to create a safe relaxing environment for disabled children and their families. We would like to build a horse therapy centre for residential stays and an equestrian riding arena. The children will attend therapeutic riding sessions twice a day, bond with horses, and enjoy beautiful surroundings. Their parents will have time to get away from the daily routine and experience respite. Our organization will provide all that to the disabled children and their families.In a nutshell the project will include:

  • Rooms for accommodation 

  • Special riding arena.

  • Capacity of 7 children assisted by one parent.

  • FREE therapeutic riding sessions, food, and accommodation.

  • Project includes a business plan for commercial activity in order to ensure continuation of the project


Status: Forthcoming

Program Free Therapeutic Riding for Children with disabilities

Take part in the Program or support it!

  • Therapeutic riding for children with disabilities

  • 7 children and their parents

  • Once a week 

  • Free for the children and their families

  • Funding in 2018:  US Embassy in Bulgaria;

  • Funding in 2019: Contribution by team

  • Funding in 2020: Private donations

Status: Active.

International Certification of Two Instructors

Ensuring quality therapeutic riding sessions is our priority!

  • Certifying organization: International Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International)

  • Theoretical knowledge of the application of therapeutic riding

  • On-site practical learning with Teresa Lloria, an expert with 20 years of experience in the field.

  • Funding: Private donors from Bulgaria and abroad.

Status: Completed


The farm 4OUR RANCH raises and cares for two herds of horses mostly of the breeds Paint Horse and Quarter Horse. 4OUR RANCH is a long term partner of our organization for all Projects&Programs. It is an eco-friendly facility, using only renewable energy sources, suitable for children with disbilities.


Contribute to our activities. We execute a number of projects and programs that need all types of support, for example in-kind services. If you wish to contribute, choose a project or a program and share your ideas with us.

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