You can contribute by joining our community as an Ambassador of the organization, volunteer on the field or by donating. 


Become an Ambassador

If you want to be a volunteer but your time is limited, become an Ambassador of our organization. You can do it everywhere at any time. You will have only one task – spread the word. Reach out regularly to everyone in your network and tell them about our organization, our values and our Projects&Programs. Become the link of Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria with the rest of the world.


Our organization is constantly developing and looking for volunteers who wish to join us.

Depending on the interests of the volunteers we assign them with tasks in areas such as social media development, fundraising strategies and campaigns, international relations, and others. Every two to three months the organization is in need of volunteers who wish to contribute in practical works such as caring for the horses’ facilities and riding gear, cleaning the pastures of the horses, and others.


If you want to become a volunteer with our organization, contact us. We will get in touch with you and plan your tasks and activities together.


Most of the work of the organization, including programs such as the Program ‘’Free Therapeutic Riding for Children with Disabilities’’ is funded by donors. They trust us with their hard-earned money to make a difference. We believe that every little bit matters. Everyone who wishes to donate to our organization can choose the most convenient way to do it.