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Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria was established in 2017. What united the team is the love for horses, especially the fine qualities of the breeds Paint Horse and Quarter Horse. We share common values namely:

  • Good treatment of horses and other animals.

  • Raising and caring for horses and other animals in a way close to their natural environment.

  • No violence and no training aids that degrade and infringe the integrity of the horse or inflict any pain.

  • Partnering with horses in therapeutic sessions in safe and beneficial manner.


What we do is that we aim to promote the breeds Paint Horse and Quarter Horse. We develop and promote the natural relationship with the horse and its training/natural horsemanship/. With the help of well-trained horses the team spares no effort to improve the lives of children with disabilities in Bulgaria with therapeutic riding.


According to unofficial data, the number of children and young people with disabilities in Bulgaria exceeds 100 000. In its report 'Situation and analysis of children and women in Bulgaria' from 2018, UNICEF recommends the establishment of official statistics and a register of children with disabilities, which still does not exist today. The report notes that adolescents and families face many difficulties in their daily lives in the fields of health care, social inclusion and education. These include access to free rehabilitation services that are needed to improve the well-being of every child in need. Free because most families barely cover the cost of the necessities, and additional costs cannot be covered. Disabilities often force families to stay home because of the lack of personal assistants. Combined with a limited budget, spending time in nature on a regular basis is almost impossible.


Addressing these issues is vital to ensure the rights of children with disabilities in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria responds to these issues by offering to children with disabilities and their families equine-assisted therapy and the opportunity to experience nature free of charge.


Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria is the first  and only organization in Bulgaria licensed by the National Agency for Child Protection to carry-out animal-assisted therapy and therapeutic riding for children and young people with disabilities. The National Agency has reviewed our application and professional certificates, approving their legitimacy. 


The instructors of Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria are members of the International Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship.


Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria funds its projects through the crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving. The GlobalGiving team guarantees the organization executes its projects by publishing reports of the activities completed and visits the site of the organization.

Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria is proud to be partnering with private entities and fellow organizations. Our partners help us in executing our Projects&Programs. We highly appreciate their involvement and dedication.

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