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Celebrate Back to Nature Day on June 5th with us

On June 5th together with our partners from the European Youth Outdoor Network we are going ‘’Back to Nature’’. The initiative is the first official activity of EYON and aims to inspire us all explore nature.

June 5th is the international environment day. Join EYON and the communities of all European countries in doing exciting outdoor activities. On that one day find the time and go out to enjoy the outdoors. Find an event to join, gather with friends, or do anything you like by yourself.  Let’s all together:

Have one fun day in the outdoors in a sustainable and carrying way – check the Youth Outdoor Portal -  for ideas of activities in the mountains, gardens, sea, urban, and with animals;
Acknowledge the great influence of nature on our physical and mental health and the multiple benefits for humans;
Take a moment to consider how to preserve and nurture the environment and all living things.

If you wish to spread your organized activities mark your event on our calendar by sending us information here - 

The European Youth Outdoor Network took the initiative to organize a day for the communities to go Back to Nature across Europe as part of the project Youth Going Back to Nature – Engage, Connect, Empower. Find out more about the project on or here.

Official number of the project: 2022-2-BG01-KA220-YOU-000098776 'This project is funded with the support of the European Commission. This publication reflects only the personal views of its author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information contained therein.'

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