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Eternal Values Brought by American Horses - Photo Exhibition

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

At the opening of the photo exhibition "Eternal Values Brought by American Horses" we gladly welcomed our guests and shared more about the values ​​that the young people chose, the horses in the photos and the organizers. The guests were able to see a "cowboy" and an original western saddle with the accessories needed to conquer the Wild West.

About the Photo Exhibition

The project is the cross point between the art of photography and values young people try to live by. Through it the US Ambassador’s Youth Council representing the youth community conveys a message – modern societies from the USA to Bulgaria have common values and the youth stands by them. Each photograph bears a message that delivers an eternal value. The messengers are free living American horses. The horses in the photographs, all of the breeds Paint and Quarter Horse, are descendants of the American mustang. They are raised in Bulgaria as close to their natural environment as possible and trained in liberty at 4OUR RANCH. In partnership with Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria and 4OUR RANCH many of them contribute to our society by being therapeutic horses for children and young people with disabilities.

Photographers: Nikolay Nanev, Mina Raduncheva, Aya Spasova

The US Ambassador’s Youth Council

The US Ambassador’s Youth Council is an organization established to gather young people who join forces to identify and work on issues relevant to young people.

They do so through the support, implementation and development of initiatives, activities and youth policies, as well as help the US Embassy to gain a better understanding of the youth community in our country. It is a network that has the competence and capacity to make a meaningful, visible and sustainable contribution to the development of young people in Bulgaria in the name of consensual causes for building socially-engaged, tolerant and civic-active community. Since its establishment in 2015 members have worked together or in cooperation with other organizations and executed a number of projects for the benefit of the community as a whole with a special focus on young people and marginalized groups.

Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria and 4OUR RANCH

Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria is an organization that promotes horsemanship and natural training of horses; educates anyone interested in horses about the specifics of the breeds Paint and Quarter Horse; provides equine-assisted therapy for people with disabilities with focus on children. The home of the Foundation is 4OUR RANCH. Founded in 2017 the Foundation has executed many projects and became the first organization in the country certified by the National Agency for Child Protection to offer therapeutic riding for children with disabilities. The team and Bulgarian and international volunteers are dedicated to ensure children, youth, and adults receive that unique therapy for free; advance their communication skills; and learn about other cultures.

The photo exhibition is executed with the support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria.

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