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Help Horses in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is the cause of suffering for many people and many animals. Our organization is starting to raise funds to help horses and their owners.

You can make donations HERE, with subject "Ukraine".

According to the Charitable Foundation of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation, there are more than 100,000 horses in Ukraine that cannot be evacuated. Even if they manage to reach the border, in order to leave the country, they need documents that they do not have yet, and they are forced to stay at the border.

Many owners and their families refuse to leave their horses in a war zone and stay with them to take care as much as possible.

The food and everything needed is bought from Polish producers and transported to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Humanitarian corridors are being used to deliver to Ukraine. There the locals transport the goods to the farms when and whatever way they can.

Donations will be used for:

  • goods - food, medical supplies and other necessities

  • logistics, preparation of documents

  • transport

  • temporary residence

Let’s be compassionate. Let's help.

You can make donations HERE, with subject "Ukraine".

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