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We hosted the first event of the YGBN/Back to Nature project

Our organization hosted an inspiring Learning Exchange Event. 13 participants from all 6 project partners worked on field to develop innovative environmentally sustainable outdoor activities. Our team and our colleagues from LSM, QUEST, Equilibre, OAZA, and Trekkify went to the mountains just outside of Sofia at the horse ranch, home of PQHFB. The main beneficiaries we designed the activities for are young women. Very often they are in need of tools to live up to their potential, feel confident, and equal. Nature makes that process easy and pleasant. The innovative activities we created will all become part of a toolkit we are preparing. The toolkit will be available for free at the new youth outdoor portal that is currently under construction.

Below is just one of the interesting activities that brings one back to nature. Doing particular exercises with a horse in a large group makes it easier to understand the dynamics of society and get in touch with one’s own perception.

More about the YGBN project can be found here.

Official number of the project: 2022-2-BG01-KA220-YOU-000098776 'This project is funded with the support of the European Commission. This publication reflects only the personal views of its author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information contained therein.'

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