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3 stories of the boys in the program ‘’Free therapeutic riding for children with disabilities’’

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Let's get to know the children in our program ''Free Therapeutic Riding for Children with Disabilities''.

Timi is 9 year old. The horses help him and his family fight the diagnosis ''autism''.

In appreciation Timi's mother shared the benefits of the program.

''Timi is speaking more, he is calmer and more balanced on the horse.''

Meet another child in our program ''Free therapeutic riding for children with disabilities''.

John is a 7-year-old radiant and energetic boy. His favorite therapeutic horse is Moby - a strong stallion with a soft character. Moby helps John deal with his diagnosis of epilepsy.

John's mother highly values the therapeutic riding sessions and shares:

"John is in great euphoria every time before we leave. He knew when his horse day was, and he looked forward to it. After the session he was super calm, he told me about the horses and at the 10th minute on the way back he fell asleep."

Meet 8 year old Pepi, always eager to ride his favorite horse Andy.

Pepi suffers from Down syndrome, has troubles communicating, learning, and understanding our world. To help Pepi we teach him to ride and play games from the horse. Pepi’s parents are happy to share that:

‘’Pepi goes with great excitement to meet Andy.’’According to them: ‘’There is a great necessity of the Program. We believe it will continue and be free.’’

More about therapeutic riding for children with disabilities you can learn here.

The program ''Free therapeutic riding for children with disabilities'' you can support here.

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