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THANK YOU, Volunteers

Today, December 5th, as an oranization Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria would like to express our gratitude to our Volunteers.

From early spring to mid-rainy autumn, we shared our daily lives with Our Volunteers. Without their selfless help, initiative and youthful spirit, our endeavors would not have been so successful. Thanks to the European Solidarity Corps and the project Young Volunteers and Horses Make a Change for Children with Disabilities 2021-2022, young volunteers from a number of European countries have left their lasting mark on our activities. The help of the volunteers for the project "Free therapeutic riding for children with special needs" made it possible for the project to continue this year. The children were truly in love with the young volunteers who gave them all their attention and concern. And in the daily life of the farm we run, the help of volunteers was very important. Working on the fences, cleaning the pastures, taking care of our horses was something new for the volunteers, which they handled with enthusiasm and enviable handiness. It is difficult to express our gratitude to all the teams of lovely young volunteers with whom we have built friendships.

We are also grateful to our regular volunteers who help us online to have a better and quality connection online and in social networks.

We are also grateful to the volunteers from Cisco Bulgaria and VMware Bulgaria, who despite their busy daily lives, did not fail to visit us and help in various activities such as cleaning the river, planting new trees and bushes and many other activities important to our daily work.

Sincere thanks to everyone who helped us throughout the year. We will continue to count on you, dear friends. The word volunteer is good, smiling, and friendly. Stay healthy and see you soon.

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